The Lost Soldier by Diney Costeloe

Diney Costeloe is the daughter of a London publisher and has been surrounded by books all her life. Encouraged by her father, she has always written stories and poems. When she left school she trained as a primary school teacher, and taught in the East End of London and in Somerset.

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The Runaway Family is already available as an e-book, but will be published in hardback on 26th February 2016 and as a paperback on 24th March 2016.

Germany 1937: Fear and betrayal stalk the streets. People disappear. Persecution of the Jews has become a national pastime.

A mother struggles to protect her family and escape Nazi persecution in World War Two Germany.


The Lost Soldier is already available as an e-book, but will be published in a hardback edition on 10th March 2016.

Eight ash trees were planted in the sleepy village of Charlton Ambrose, as a timeless memorial to the men killed in the Great War. One dark and chilly night in 1921, a ninth tree appears. Who planted it and why? And who was 'the unknown soldier' for whom it is marked?


The Sisters of St Croix is already available as an e-book, but will be coming out as a hardback on 11th August 2016.

Sequel to The Lost Soldier, this is a gripping story of love, death and danger in Nazi Occupied France.


The Girl With No Name will be published this year.

A young girl, Lisa. escapes Nazi persecution, arriving alone in London on a Kindertransport train. She is fostered by a couple in Shoreditch, but the outbreak of war leaves her cut off, an ‘enemy’ in an alien country. Life for Lisa becomes increasingly difficult.

The earliest you can read this new novel by Diney, is as an e-book on 1st March 2016.

E-book not your thing? Then you can add the book to your hardback collection on 5th May 2016.

Only read paperbacks? 11th August is not far away, when the paperback edition will be available.

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Her earlier published work includes ten romantic novels, written under the name of Diney Delancey, several short stories for magazines and radio, and many articles and poems.

More recently, Diney has turned her attention to the twentieth century and writing as Diney Costeloe, has written several ‘modern’ historical novels, The Lost Soldier, set in WWI, its sequel, The Sisters of St Croix, set in WWII and The Runaway Family in 1938 Germany.

Her latest book, published by Head of Zeus, is The Throwaway Children and is set in England and Australia in 1948.

She has three children and seven grandchildren, so is always busy with the family, and she and her husband share their time between Somerset and West Cork.

The Throwaway Children