Diney Delancey


Kendal Black by Diney Delancey (E-book only)

Sherry Slade, folk singer and song writer, hears that club owner, Kendal Black, is about to launch a new recording company. When she manages to meet him, hoping he’ll listen to one of her demo discs, she is dismayed at his reaction. Angrily, he demands to know where she heard of his plans and dismisses them as pure speculation. He tells her that he has no interest in her work, that though she sings in his provincial clubs, she is not young enough or glamorous enough to work in The Creole, his London club. Sherry, never one to be patronised, retorts, “I’m delighted to hear that, for I would find it quite impossible to work directly for such an arrogant and self-opinionated man as you.”
These words come back to haunt Sherry as fate takes a hand, repeatedly propelling her into Kendal Black’s path and into his life. Fate that continues to stir up trouble, leaving them facing a bleak and uncertain future.


Silverstrand by Diney Delancey (E-book and large print)

Working for the Distress Call Agency, Tara Dereham travels from London to the seaside town of Silverstrand, to help Mrs Ward run her guesthouse. But when Mrs Ward falls ill, Tara has to manage the business and care for her client’s grandson, helped by one of the guests, Steven Harris. But there is a secret in the Ward family, and danger looms for Tara as she learns more of the secret and of the people concerned.


Kiss and Tell pub. Women's Weekly Fiction Series 1985 (Large print)

A Chance of Happiness pub. Women's Weekly (Images of Love)


The Slopes of Love pub. Robert Hale 1981 (Large print)

The Slopes of Love ISBN 0 7091 9020 4


Love's dawning pub. Robert Hale 1982 (Large print)

Love's dawning ISBN 0 7091 9620 2


The Secret of Shearwater pub. Robert Hale 1982 (Large print)

The Secret of Shearwater ISBN 0 7091 9972 4


Brave Heart pub. Robert Hale 1983 (Large print)

Brave Heart ISBN 0 7090 0825 2


Silverstrand pub. Robert Hale 1983 (Large print)

Silverstrand ISBN 0 7090 1257 8


Love Game pub. Women's Weekly (Images of Love) (Large print)


For Love of Oliver pub. Robert Hale 1991

For Love of Oliver ISBN 0 7090 4279 5


For Love of Oliver (Large print edition) pub. Linford Romance (F.A.Thorpe) 1997

ISBN 0 7089 5009 4

An Old-fashioned Love pub. Linford Romance 1998 (Large print)

ISBN 7089 5299 2